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3 Passenger Minimum

Local Dungeness Crab

Going crabbing can be a fun a rewarding experience. Remember to check it’s safe to crab and that you have your license. If you choose to charter with us, we do it for you.

Helping You Have a Great Time

Oregon Dungeness Crabbing

In Oregon it is only legal to keep the male crabs. Female crabs are returned to help ensure the next generation of crab for the Oregon Coast.

We bring the crab pots

We bring the bait

We bring the cooler, with ice!

We even bring a handy crab measuring guide and will clean your catch

Guides Know Where to Go

Trained, certified, and licensed guides have spent careers knowing where to crab and fish.

More Time For You

Let us worry about the details so you can enjoy your quality time with your family and friends.

Love Your Experience

Browse our reviews and you will see that people agree All About Adventure Excursions provides a great experience in the Oregon outdoors.


Shellfish regulations are listed in the Marine Zone in the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations. We ensure your compliance and are happy to answer questions.

“Ed is such an amazing guide and is very active in the community! I highly recommend his excursions!”

Erin Beggs

Erin Beggs Review of All About Adventure Excursions

“Nice guy and a lot of fun! We had a great time and thanks to Ed we have been eating crab for a couple days with more to take home! Thanks Ed!”

Carol Nettles

Carol Nettles Review of All About Adventure Excursions

“Always have a great experience with Ed!! Love his knowledge on fishing and fun facts about the area we are fishing in! We’ve always been lucky enough to catch something so 10/10!”

Mcclayne Eads

Mcclayne Eads Review of All About Adventure Excursions